Friday, January 8, 2010

Dictionary Highlights: Day 8

amy - slang for a vial of amyl nitrate.

"Hey Amy. Will you hand me an amy?"

anaptotic - (of languages) tending to become uninflected, in accordance with a theory that languages evolve from uninflected to inflected and back.

I never knew that the study of the evolution of the inflection of languages was such serious business.

anatta - In Buddhism, the doctrine asserting the nonexistence of a personal and immortal soul. Sanskrit,anatman.

I always wondered how Buddhist outreach works. "Hey you! Yeah, you over there! Do you realize that you don't exist?"

ane - (pronounced like "ain't") Scottish for "one"

anes - Scottish for "once"

This must be hard for a Scottsman to express how he once tried on a pair of Hanes. I guess that's why there are kilts.

angel shark - any shark of the genus Squatina, found in warm and temperate shore waters, having a depressed, flat body and large, winglike pectoral fins.

Two words I never expected to see juxtaposed. Seems like an oxymoron

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