Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dictionary Highlights: Day 22

Bedloe's Island - former name of Liberty Island

the bee's knees - Older Slang. (esp. in the 1920s) a person or thing that is wonderful, great, or marvelous: Her new roadster is simply the bee's knees.

I hope this expression makes a comeback

beefalo -
1. a hybrid animal that is 3/8 to 3/32 buffalo, the remaining genetic component being domestic cow, bred for disease resistance and for meat with low fat content.
2. the meat of such an animal

Why 3/8 to 3/32 buffalo? Is 1/4 buffalo to buffaloy to crowd out the beef?

Bellatrix - a blue-white giant star in the constellation Orion, with apparent magnitude +1.63.

belly-helve - In metalworking, a triphammer in which the cams act at a point along the helve, partway between the fulcrum and the head.

belly-wash - any barely drinkable liquid or beverage, as inferior soda, beer, coffee, or soup.

The image this triggered in my mind is some pot-bellied guy starring in an Axe body wash commercial.

belomancy - divination using arrows drawn at random from a quiver or other holder.

bench jockey - a vociferous player, coach, or manager who makes a specialty of baiting or harassing the umpires or opposing players, usually from the bench.

Reminds me of an episode of Pete & Pete. I love orange lazarus.

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