Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dictionary Highlights: Day 21

Bayard -
1. a magical legendary horse in medieval chivalric romances.
2. a mock-heroic name for any horse.
3. Archaic. a bay horse.

If you used definition 2 of this word, I doubt most people would get the insult.

bay window -
1. an alcove of a room, projecting from an outside wall and having its own windows, esp. one having its own foundations. Compare bow window, oriel.
2. Informal. a large, protruding belly; paunch

Love the second definition. I will add this to my daily vocabulary.

beam weapon - a laser-beam or particle-beam weapon, also called a directed energy device.

I can't believe this is in the dictionary. Do we have all this crazy sci-fi stuff yet?

beat poets - numerous U.S. poets concentrated in California in the 1950s and noted chiefly for their rejection of poetic as well as social conventions, exemplified through experimental, often informal phrasing and diction and formless verse that attempts to capture spontaneity of thought and feeling.

I'd love to go to one of these esoteric poetry slams, recite a string of brand names, and call it a poem.

beau -
1. a frequent and attentive male companion.
2. a male escort for a girl or woman.
3. a dandy; fop.

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