Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dictionary Highlights: Day 13

argy bargy - (British) a vigorous discussion or dispute.

I wonder if this word can be used as an adjective as well

aria -
1. an air or melody.
2. an elaborate melody sung solo with accompaniment, as in an opera or oratorio.

aria de mezzo carattere

Arkansas toothpick - a bowie knife or similar sharp knifelike implement.

I'm going to ask for an Arkansas toothpick the next time I visit a restaurant

armamentarium -
1. the aggregate of equipment, methods, and techniques available to one for carrying out one's duties: The stethoscope is still an essential part of the physician's armamentarium.
2. a fruitful source of devices or materials available or used for an undertaking: The new arts center is an armamentarium for creative activity.

Armenian - a native of Armenia.

Arminian - Of or relating to the theology of Jacobus Arminius and his followers, who rejected the Calvinist doctrines of predestination and election and who believed that human free will is compatible with God's sovereignty.

Let's not confuse the two

arrack - any of various spirituous liquors distilled in the East Indies and other parts of the East and Middle East from the fermented sap of toddy palms, or from fermented molasses, rice, or other materials.

arrah - (Irish interjection, used as an expression of surprise or excitement.)

arrogance of power - presumption on the part of a nation that its power gives it the right to intervene in the affairs of less powerful nations.

Umm...let's just move on to the next word

Articles of War - the body of laws and legal procedures of the U.S. Army and Air Force, replaced in 1951 by the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

Euphemizing in full swing

art rock - a type of rock music, often with poetic lyrics, characterized by sophisticated harmonic, dynamic, and technical complexity based on forms derived from classical music and requiring performers of considerable training and skill.

Two more words I never thought I would see together

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