Monday, August 30, 2010

Dictionary Highlights: Day 58

currency principle - the principle that banks should be permitted to issue notes only against bullion or coin.

Becuase if it read "booty, coin, or plunder" it would have been the pirate currency principle.

curtate - shortened; reduced; abbreviated.

curule chair - (in ancient Rome) a folding seat with curved legs and no back, often ornamented with ivory, used only by certain high officials.

That's right. The uncomfortable folding chair with no back is for the high officials. I'll bet they had bad backs.

curvaceous - (of a woman) having a well-shaped figure with voluptuous curves.

I am going to start telling women that they are looking rather curvaceous today. I cannot imagine how this could lead to trouble.

cush-cush - yampee

Lotta help there, Mr. Dictionary

cyclopedia - an encyclopedia

Which I will tackle after I finish the dictionary

cywydd - a form of meter in Welsh poetry consisting of rhyming couplets, each line having seven syllables: first used in the 14th century.

And the C-section is complete. It will take some time to recover. I hope I don't die of an infection in the process.

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